Now that Daylight Savings Time and the holiday season are here, local law enforcement is seeing a jump in residential crime rates. As it becomes dark at an early hour and people are out celebrating the season, criminals are looking for unoccupied homes and the ability to find a quick entrance and exit.

Anything you do to slow down would-be intruders or make them think twice is advisable. With enough deterrents, they will move on to the next house.

I learned these tips from a meeting with law enforcement—this important information can help keep your home and our neighborhood safe.

Law enforcement’s suggestions to

deter crime in our neighborhood include:

  • Cut back heavy growth and landscaping leaving fewer areas to hide
  • Reinforce door jams/locks/hinges with stronger hardware/longer screws
  • Install exterior landscape lighting/motion sensor lights
  • Use timers on inside lamps to make it seem like someone is home
  • Consider the new generation of doorbells that connect to your smart phone
  • Always respond to your doorbell, without opening the door, so potential intruders know someone is home
  • Lock your vehicle and keep items, including your garage door opener, out of sight
  • Keep side gates locked
  • Give your outgoing mail directly to your carrier or hand it to the clerk at the Post Office
  • Have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspaper when you are away
  • Arrange for neighbors to pick up packages or route them to a more secure address
  • Alarms and security cameras installed by a reputable company are helpful
  • Register your security camera with your local police station so footage can be reviewed in case of a neighborhood incident
  • Consider purchasing and displaying “Protected By” signs from
  • Participate in a Neighborhood Watch program and sign up for
  • Consider using “glue identification stickers” or engraving your driver’s license number on valuables
  • Request a ride-along with local law enforcement to learn more about securing the neighborhood
  • Have the business phone number of your local police station handy, as calling 911 often routes you to other cities, thus wasting valuable time
  • Call to report ANYTHING suspicious (and don’t feel the need to start the conversation with, “I may be wrong about this…”)

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Wishing you a happy holiday season!

Karen Duncan Cutler

Cutler & Cutler Real Estate, Keller Williams

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