May, 2017
Karen Duncan Cutler of Cutler & Cutler Real Estate Group/Keller Williams held a discussion on “Declutter to Move” for South Bay residents. Cindy Lesch, Territory Manager for Home Sweet Home, was the featured speaker. She gave tips on how to begin the decluttering process, organizing, letting go of emotion, purging, disbursing of items, packing and preparing for moving day. Here are a few reviews:
* You did what you said you’d do…and more! You are a wonderful resource and I am very lucky to have met you. Thanks!
* Great discussion! I would definitely consider Cutler & Cutler if and when I get ready to move. I attended the “Declutter to Move” discussion for ideas on decluttering, packing and organizing.
* Professional, well organized, valuable information and services offered, great “take away” information!
* Very informative and good tips. It is somewhat hard for me to separate the item from the emotion/memories. Cindy and Karen are both comfortable and easy to talk with. Humor and relaxed attitude and demeanor are the key. Thanks!
* Karen and Cindy were very welcoming and easy to converse with. Their presentation style was very personable and informative.
* Needed the information for not far in the future. Thanks so much!!
* Very helpful and specific information. Good tips about handling mail.
* Great tips, information and generosity.
* It was excellent!
* Tips on purging and packing were very valuable.

July, 2017
“Chicken Chat with Karen”
At the invitation of the Rolling Hills General Store, Karen Duncan Cutler hosted an informal chat on raising chickens. The event was well attended by people throughout the Peninsula and surrounding neighborhoods. Most were new to “chickening” and it was a perfect opportunity to find out more before diving in. Others already had chickens and came loaded with questions and issues. Many chicken products were displayed and resources were shared. Please check the “blog” section of this website for an introductory write-up on things to consider when raising chickens.